North Bergen Housing Authority to Administer Free Tests to Every Senior Building Resident

The North Bergen Housing Authority is set to begin testing every senior building resident on Monday, May 11. The testing will be administered by the North Bergen Health Department who will be aided by NBHA staff. By expanding the testing that was done by the township at its nursing home facilities, township officials will have a clearer understanding of what steps need to be taken to protect the residents most at risk. Testing this particular population is especially important because they live in a multi-unit congregate building with exposure to each other on a regular basis. 

“This initiative to test our most vulnerable residents by the North Bergen Housing Authority builds off of the efforts the Township has taken to mass test patients at our Long Term Care Facilities,” said Mayor Nick Sacco. “The results from these tests will help us protect our seniors and provide us with the information needed to combat this virus and slow its spread. I commend the efforts made by Executive Director Sanzari and his team.”

Testing will be done floor by floor and building by building, with residents being tested in the common area. Results will be monitored and stored in a secure database by the North Bergen Health Department. 

“The Township of North Bergen has taken extraordinary steps to ensure the safety and health of our residents during this pandemic,” said NBHA Executive Director Gerald Sanzari. “I am thrilled that the North Bergen Health Department will be aiding in testing every one of our senior residents, as they are such a vulnerable population. By testing every resident, we will be able to better combat the spread of the virus by isolating any resident that has been exposed to it and getting them the medical attention that they require.” 

All North Bergen residents are encouraged to follow the township’s Coronavirus updates page as well as the township’s social media pages which are updated daily with new information. For english, visit here and for spanish, here

If any residents have any questions or concerns regarding they virus, they are instructed to contact the state’s Coronavirus hotline or visit its dedicated website: 

·  Coronavirus Hotline 1-800-222-1222

·  Website: 

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